Episode 75 - Our Arrows Will Blot out the Sunstone

In this week's episode, Steve is MIA and it's an OG crew podcast with both the Zach's starting off with our thoughts on the first couple episodes of The Defenders. From there we run down the news with the Good Omens casting, Mystick U, the early stages of an Obi-Wan solo movie, and Jonathan Hickman may be working on something at DC very soon. Our discussion for this week includes, craving more books with meaning to their stories, and old video game series we would like to see make a comeback. As always, if you want to help out the show, there are a couple ways you can do that. You can start by leaving us a rating/review where ever you listen to the show, sharing this show to a friend, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter @Z2podcast.

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