Episode 61 - Mister Miracle Escapes Anxiety

In this week's episode, we bring fan and friend of the show Jim to talk about the Hellboy reboot in the works, the New Mutants tv series at Fox, and a Deadpool animated series at Fox by Donald Glover. In exciting comics news, Tom King and DC announced this past week that he willing writing a 12 issue Mister Miracle series starting this summer with artist Mitch Gerads. The story Tom King has planned sounds super exciting and he claims that it will have affects on the entire DCU, probably involving the new gods. Along with that announcement, we got news of Kyle Higgens' new DC series, Nightwing: The New Order, which is an elseworld story about Nightwing taking down super powered heroes. Sounds a lot like Secret Empire, but it has been explained by Higgens that the story will focus on the mistakes Nightwing has made, and his self reflection in a world without super powers. It's an interesting concept so well have to see where it ends up. As always, if you want to help out the show, there are a couple ways you can do that. You can start by leaving us a rating/review where ever you listen to the show, sharing this show to a friend, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter @Z2podcast.

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