Episode 59 - Something Ghoulish Comes this Way feat. Dan of The Ghoulies

In this week's episode, we are joined by Dan, member of the Denver Punk Band The Ghoulies, who is a friend of the show and is also a nerd of comic books, movies, and music. He joins us this week to talk about DC's new digital service which will be where Young Justice season 3 and a new Titans tv show will be aired, a black and white Logan re-release, and his opinion on whether or not there should be another Phoenix based X-Men movie. In our discussion topics this week, we talk about where is the line between intentionally political works of art and just entertainment, music that made you change your opinion of a genre, waking up with Superman's powers, and horror movies! As always, if you want to help out the show, there are a couple ways you can do that. You can start by leaving us a rating/review where ever you listen to the show, sharing this show to a friend, or by following us on Facebook and Twitter @Z2podcast. It helps us know what is and isn't working for the show and how we could improve upon it.

Intro Music by: MDK

Song Title: Press Start



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