Episode 58 - Secret Empire State of Mind

In this week's episode, were joined once again by Galatea Cosplay (@Galatea423) to talk about a multitude of things such as the Captain Marvel directors being selected, James Gunn's future with the MCU, DC's new Dark Matter Line, and the whole mess that is Secret Empire. In our heated Secret Empire discussion, we talk about how the event has been portrayed by the mainstream audience now that the first issue has been released and it has been revealed that all of Marvel's history, particularly Captain Americas has been the Hydra timeline all along. We also take some time to talk about the set up for the Batman/Flash crossover The Button. As always, you can help out the show by following us on Facebook and Twitter @Z2podcast and if you haven't already done so, leave us a review/rating on iTunes or where ever you listen to the show! 

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