Episode 56 - Experiment 527

In this week's episode, we start things off with a doozy of a story with the artist Ardian Syaf landed in very very hot water to say the least after putting some subtle political messages into X:Men Gold #1. We break down what happened, what the messages were and what they meant, and how a lot of the fallout has occurred since this the messages were pointed out. Then Steve tells about how the movie Your Name broke him and explains without trying to give anything away why you should see it. After that we try a new segment for discussion that still needs a title, in which all of us bring a topic without the others knowing and seeing what comes out of it. If you like the new segment or have a question you would like us to talk about you can send it to us on our Facebook, twitter, or email us with it! As always if you haven't done so already you can help out the show by sharing this to a friend, or by leaving us a rating/review to let us know what you think of the show!

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Song Title: Press Start



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