Episode 54 - Go Go Z2 Podcast

In this week's episode, brings you discussions about the new Justice League trailer that shows off the team in action, including Aquaman riding the Batmobile. It looks excellent visually, so well have to see if it pans out later this year. We also got our first hints at the prelude to Scott Synder and Greg Capullo's Metal Batman, Dark Days which sounds super cool and its exciting to inch closer to the twos return to the main Batman continuity together. Then finally, after many episodes of torturing Zach about the Power Rangers movie, we finally discuss it as the Z2 gang went out and saw it this weekend. We give our thoughts about it from a non-fan perspective and huge fans perspective. Poor Zach though thought this would be the end, but it appears to be a new beginning of torturing Zach. As always be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter @z2podcast for all the latest info on what we have going on, and be sure to subscribe, leave us a rating or review, or comment on the show so we can hear what you think!

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