Episode 53 - Have you Ever Heard the Tale of the Dumb Joke

In this week's episode, the Z2 gang gets ready for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda despite the luke warm reception so far. We also have to educate Zach on how segway's are actually supposed to work as he seems to just move us from topic to topic. In news that happened this week though, there was official confirmation of the Venom movie which is coming in 2018 from Sony, and people are worried since the writers for Amazing Spider-Man 2 are attached to the film and peoples reception of that movie are not great. Iron Fist also dropped on Netflix and fans reception of that has been far better than the critics, as on Rotten Tomatoes viewer reviews are sitting at around 80% which isn't as bad as the critics made it seem. We also discuss some of our favorite and least favorite tropes in media this week in our discussion question. All this and more are in this weeks episode of the Z2 Podcast. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter @z2podcast and if you haven't already we would love of you could leave us a rating or review so we could hear from you the listener! 

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Zachary Brooks