Episode 50 - Increasingly Gaspier

In this week's episode, we got a variety of comic book news, movie news, anime talk, and Riverdale talk. We have the news that Warner Bros wants to make a Nightwing movie with the Lego Batman director which also brought us the #NightwingCasting on twitter which has been something. We also got official confirmation from Warner Bros and Ben Affleck that Matt Reeves will be the new director for The Batman solo movie, after we said last week we weren't going to talk about that movie again unless we got official news. Well here's the official news. We also got new Overwatch character teasers in which we may be actually teasing two characters that should be coming out this year. Then Zach and Steve tag team to talk about Riverdale episodes 4 and 5 which is a whole thing of a show. As always if you like what you hear and what to help us out, you can do so by leaving us a rating or review wherever you listen from be it iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play and be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter @z2podcast. 

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