Episode 49 - Zach was Right All Along

In this week's episode, Zach proves to the Z2 Gang how he was right about Wildstorm months in advance, and other things that we should probably pay attention to in the near future. Some of these things may be related to Marvel, as it is a very Marvel heavy episode, as they are trying to go back to basics with many series, and include new one's like Marvel Generations which only has an Alex Ross promo image so far. We also talk about how we fell for the click bait as we learned this week that Matt Reeves will not be directing The Batman solo movie. This has lead us to not want to talk The Batman movie until we get actual confirmation, not just rumors that appear to be true. Are discussion topic for this week is villains becoming more heroes and anti-heroes, do you like this trend? Which villains would you think would make a good hero or anti-hero? All this and more on Episode 49 of the Z2 Podcast. Were almost to a whole year of podcasting! Wanna help us out? You can do so by leaving us a review or rating where ever you listen to and you can follow us on Facebook and twitter both @z2podcast where you can chat with us, submit a question, or want to work with us! 

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