Episode 44 - Switch to a Switch

In this week's episode, the Z2 gang brings their good buddy Jim back onto the show to discuss many a topic revolving video games and Green Lantern. With the exciting news of the Nintendo Switch being announced this past week, we discuss the things we are excited about with it, how well it will do, and where in the hell is a new Metroid game. In Marvel news this week, the info of how the Inhumans tv show will be first put out as a 2 hour movie was released and it seems rather confusing. We ponder on what exactly it means and wonder what the hell is happening over at Marvel right now. Which brings us to talk about the new Secret Empire event and how Zach has a theory of how that event will end, and probably mean nothing within 6 months since there's event's constantly happening in Marvel books. In DC news, we learned that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes are really pushing to work on a Green Lantern Corps movie, and everyone wants to play Jon Stewart for some reason. However, there has been a lot of backlash with Goyer getting the writing gig after Batman v Superman received mixed reviews from both fans and critics. Finally, our discussion question for this week involves video games, specifically indie video games and if the trend of them becoming more well received over major AAA titles will continue? All this and more can be heard in this weeks episode of the Z2 Podcast, and if you like what you hear we would greatly appreciate it if you dropped us a little rating or share this show to a friend. You can also follow us on Facebook and twitter both @z2podcast to get updates or to start a conversation with us! 

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