Episode 11 - The Watchers of the DC Universe

In this episode, we discuss the super heavy week of comic book news with the whole Captain America Hydra Agent reveal and what we think this means for the story as well as why people need to cool off a bit on the issue. DC Universe Rebirth also dropped this week and we have a super extended discussion on the book itself and how this will play into the DC Universe as a whole. We also discuss, several books that ended this week as well as the Flash Season II finale and the huge implications of that. We also all saw Xmen: Apocalypse, which was pretty decent and set up a lot of stuff for the new Xmen movie verse. As always be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter both @z2podcast to get all of the updates outside of podcast episodes, and be sure to give us a review on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher Radio, it would really help us out!

Zachary BrooksComment