Episode 37 - Finally Final Fantasy XV

In this week's episode, we keep things a bit shorter as not a ton of news came out this week. We talk about how Zendaya may or may not be playing Mary Jane in Spider-man Homecoming, and Emilia Clarke will be playing a character in the Han Solo movie. Then Zach and Steve have a beef with Tony Stark as he messed things up in Civil War II #7 this past week. After we cool off, we talk about the fate of Cyclops in Death of X, since that was finally revealed after a lot of speculation from us of the fate of Scott Summers. Our discussion topic for the week is our favorite video game narratives in honor of Final Fantasy XV finally coming out after something like 10 years of development, which is kind of surreal. As always, you can follow us on Facebook and twitter both @z2podcast and be sure to leave us either a comment, review or rating so we can know what you like about the show, what you hate, or what you'd like to hear from us. #PodernFamily #Z2

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