Episode 36 - Elitist Comic Fratboys Live

In this week's episode, we travel once again down to Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles to celebrate Local Comic Shop Day, and their 1 year anniversary since opening up. For our regular portion of the show we talk about the new trailers that dropped for Justice League Dark, A Series of Unfortunate, and for Rooster Teeth's new documentary called The Meme Machine. We also got the news that the series Rat Queens is coming back in March 2017, which is exciting since it was put into limbo after the artist had to leave the series when it restarted back earlier this year. We then have a portion of the podcast that we are tentatively calling the "What are you watching" segment, where we discuss things that we are currently watching, new title pending. This week since were all still on the anime train, we talk about more anime series! Zach B talks about "Gangsta", Zach S talks about "Kids on a Slope", and Steve talks about "Drifters" this week! We then have our roundtable discussion with several people around the shop, including Matt and Marika from the Colorado Comic Book Enthusiast Facebook group, where they both talk about what they like about comics and some of the things they see go on within the comics fandom. We then bring on Garreth of Red Team Go, where he talks about the projects he's worked on and new ones that are coming up from their team. Lastly, we bring Jon of Hall of Justice Comics and Collectibles back on the show again to talk about things that surprised him this year and some of the goals that he has for his second year of shop owning. As always if you like what you hear, be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter, both @z2podcast and if you want to help us out you can do so by spreading the word about this show or leaving us a review/rating. 

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