Episode 35 - The Dark Weeb Rises

In this week's episode, the Z2 crew rejoices in the news that Young Justice will be getting a season 3 after ending back in 2013. It's legit, it's real, it's not a prank and it has been officially confirmed by Greg Weissman and WB. We talk about what we want out of the show once it returns and where we think it will be headed if it continues the same story line it left off on. We also discuss some news of how All Star Batman will be continuing on for some time with several different story arcs in the works from Scott Synder. We then have a miss mash or news with DC and Marvel tv and movie news, such as news on the Batman solo movie, what the next X-Men movie could be, and a new CW magical crime drama in the works. We also call out Frank Cho and the weird things he's been doing such as claiming that he was going to take over Wonder Woman once Greg Rucka was gone, when he won't be as of now. I don't know, its weird. Are big discussion points for this week are all sorts of anime topics. First, we discuss what we view as anime, after a whole thing on reddit with an anime styled music video was taken down and then put back up. We then discuss series that were about start watching and what we think they will be like, whether it be good or bad. We then each talk about our favorite non-stereotypical anime series that we love. If you like what you hear and what to hear more, be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or follow us on our website at z2podcast.com or leave us a little rating to let us know what you think. If you haven't already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter @z2podcast for the latest updates and extra content.

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