Episode 31 - The Joke That May Never Exist

In this week’s episode, the news was somewhat lacking this week, but never fear we can always talk about Star Wars theories for 20 minutes! Were also happy to announce that our good friend Steven has become an official member of the Z2 crew, which were super happy about and looking forward to having him on the show regularly. Zach also saw “The Accountant” this weekend and gives us his thoughts on it. Our discussion topics for this week is “Who deserves a lantern ring?” and “The State of the CW Universe”, in which we talk about which characters, Marvel or DC we think would get a lantern ring, no matter the color, and what we think about the overall state of the CW universe with the addition of Supergirl and lowered ratings for Flash and Arrow. As always if you like what you hear and what to hear more, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @z2podcast, and you can check out our website for all those extra goodies. Be sure to leave us a rating to let us know what you think as well!

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